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Labor Day Fishing in Santee Cooper

It’s almost Labor Day, and what better way to spend your extra day off than getting in some good fishing?? Any day is a great day for fishing, but Labor day always holds a special place in our heart. Getting out on the water, relaxing, and catching something delicious for dinner really is the ideal way to spend the day. Here are a couple of tips for this Labor Day to help out your fishing expedition.

Catfish: SCDNR reports that catfish fishing is slow in the Santee Cooper system. They advice drifting and anchoring with cut bait.

Bass: Largemouth bass is also reportedly slow in the Santee Cooper lakes. If you’re willing to really work at it, you may try fishing around the cypress trees, but there is no easy pattern. If bass is your goal, the Santee and Cooper rivers would probably be a better bet.

Crappie: Crappie can be caught near brush and bridges. Our best information says to cast between 15-25 ft deep and use minnows for bait.

Best of luck to y’all! Have a great Labor Day, and if you’re really hankering for some delicious fresh catch, come on in to the restaurant, and we’ll take care of ya!

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