Thursday, 18 December 2014 19:00

Santee Cooper gets a boon to Striped Bass fishing.

striped-bass-03The South Carolian Department of Natural Resources annually stocks up to 10 million freshwater fish throughout the state so the fact that they just stocked 3,500 striped bass into Lake Marion on Dec 4th may not seem like a big deal to everyone. But Striped Bass made the Santee Cooper Lakes famous efforts to reestablish the population of these fish here is certainty welcome news.


Heavy fishing pressure among other factors have caused the Striped Bass population to plummet in recent years. Blacks Camp along with other fishing guides, legislators and anglers have been pushing for change that reverse the tide.  Since the harvest limit was reduced to only 3 fish more than 23 inches long and changing the season to prohibit Striped Bass fishing between June and September things are starting to look up.

This recent release consisted of all Phase II fish which are grown an additional five months over the 35 days of Phase I fish bringing them to about 71/2 inches.  This increased size means their chances of survival are much higher. As the Striped Bass population rebounds DNR hopes to loosen the restrictions on Striped Bass which is good news to all the anglers who love this great sport fish.

We hope that continued legislation will help bring the Striped Bass population back to the Santee Cooper Lakes.


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